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Dry, Sore, Embarrassing Feet?

Melzu gets your feet summer-ready by tackling:

Dry skin

Are your feet itchy, flaky or uncomfortable? Melzu peels off the dry layers so your moisturiser will soak right in


Dead or dry skin leads to unsightly patches. By peeling off the top layer of your skin, Melzu restores your natural skin colour.

Hard skin and calluses

Hard patches on your feet can be painful to remove – but Melzu softens them naturally (you won’t feel a thing).

Dead skin

Dead skin builds up easily on feet – and even exfoliation doesn’t always help. Melzu deals with it easily.

Are You Embarrassed of Your Feet in Public Places?




Never Feel Self-Conscious of Your Feet Again!

How It Works in 4 Easy Steps

Quick Solution for a Beautiful Feet!

1 Open
2 Wear For 60 minutes
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4 Result

Exceptionally Effective!

Your Feet Will Truly Feel Baby Soft After Just ONE Application!

Get -50% Discount
Get -50% Discount

Enjoy Baby Soft and Smooth Feet Instantly

24 hours results

Dry, dehydrated skin


Dry, dehydrated skin

Peeling, ugly skin


Peeling, ugly skin

Soft and smooth skin


Soft and smooth skin

See it in action

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do Melzu Foot Peel Masks work?

A: The Melzu Masks work to remove dead skin from your feet, relieving many unwanted issues such as dry skin, dead skin, calluses, and discoloration


Q: Is Melzu reliable?

A: Yes, we have developed Melzu Foot Masks with tried and tested ingredients, giving you excellent care for your feet.


Q: How do I know if the Melzu Masks have worked?

A: After use, you will begin to see your dead skin fall from your feet within 1-2 days. After your dead skin is eliminated, you should start to see soft, fresh skin that is no longer itchy, uncomfortable, and rough.


Q: How long should I use Melzu?

A: Use Melzu Masks regularly to ensure that you continue to reap the benefits of fresh, smooth skin on your feet. They can help to prevent calluses from re-developing as you continue to experience the exfoliating effects.


Q: Will I need to use a file or pumice stone to smooth my feet?

A: No! The all-natural herbal blend in the Melzu Foot Masks works efficiently to remove dead skin cells without the need for scrubbing or filing.

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